Two tips for couples who have opted for a beachside wedding venue

Posted on: 30 May 2023

Here are two tips for couples who have opted for a beachside wedding venue (such as a beachside hotel).

They should find out about the nearby beach's rules and restrictions

When a couple decides to have their wedding at a venue like a beachside hotel, they usually do so with the aim of not only celebrating on the hotel premises but also on the beautiful nearby beach. They may, for example, want to create a bonfire on the beach for their guests to gather around and relax, or they may want to have their DJ play music there. As such, any couple who has booked a beachside venue should research the beach's rules and restrictions so they can know what activities are or are not permitted on it and can then plan their wedding celebrations accordingly.

For example, some beaches do not allow bonfires or campfires of any kind; knowing this in advance would not only prevent the couple from spending money on bonfire supplies that they wouldn't be able to use but would also ensure that if they set up a bonfire for their wedding day, they would not be asked to extinguish it. Likewise, some beaches have noise limits. If the beachside hotel a couple has chosen as their wedding venue is in a densely-packed residential area, there might be a rule that there can be no loud noise after a certain time of day. With this in mind, the couple might decide against asking their hired DJ to play a set on the beach and instead have them perform indoors in the hotel instead. Alternatively, they might want to find out if they can be granted a license from the local authorities to exceed the designated noise limits on their wedding day.

They should ensure they consider the practicalities of celebrating in this setting

When a couple chooses a beachside wedding venue, they must consider the practicalities of having their wedding in this setting. For example, when arriving at the beachside hotel, the majority of guests will probably be wearing dress shoes. Whilst this footwear is appropriate for a hotel wedding venue, it might be difficult for the guests to walk in when they eventually go out of the hotel and go for a stroll or a dance on the adjacent beach. If they remove their dressy footwear and go barefoot on the sand, and the weather is extremely hot, the heat of the sand might hurt their feet. Furthermore, they might not want to leave their expensive footwear lying on the sand. As such, couples who've chosen this type of venue should consider setting up a footwear 'station', filled with flip-flops their guests can wear on the beach and shelves on which they can safely stow their dressy footwear.

Similarly, when the guests begin to wander from the hotel to the beach, they may not want to spend all their time dancing or standing around. Instead, they might want to sit down whilst they chat. However, they may not want to get sand all over their wedding outfits. As such, the couple who've booked this venue should also consider stocking up on blankets and cushions for their guests that will allow them to comfortably sit down on the sand whilst keeping their outfits clean.

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